Our Offer 


Umbrella Outreach Support & Training 

Oak Bank Special School Outreach Service, in partnership with Central Bedfordshire LA  has introduced an extended range of  SEMH support for schools.

This work focuses on collaboratively working with stakeholders (that's schools, pupils, parents/carers and other professionals)  to build both capacity and confidence in meeting the needs of pupils who display an array of 'behavioural issues'.

Who is this Service for? 

Enhanced individualised support for pupils in Years 7+ with SEMH needs

This could include:

Whole School Support 

A case study 

Supporting 'hard to reach' pupils to engage through an improved curriculum offer 

Oak Bank staff can help your school to create an alternative curriculum offer that can act as a vehicle for the enhanced engagement of those pupils that are currently detached and dysregulated 

Engagement is key to effective teaching and learning for all and it's essential that you find ways to enhance pupil 'buy in'.

 For Hard to reach, disengaged and challenging pupils you will often need to be creative about enticing them into learning. Embracing a mixed curriculum approach within your school  could provide a lens through which the teaching staff can guide the child to positive learning outcomes. 

Please contact jredding@oakbank.beds.sch.uk to discuss ways in which the Oak Bank Team can help you develop your alternative curriculum offer. 

Previously disengaged pupils find a passion for horticulture which led to increased confidence and further positive engagement